Sophie Prieur started working as a textile designer in 1974 and she has been working with felt since 20 years.

As as an artist she feels this material is symbolic of all others as it may well be the oldest and most natural form of textile : wool felts naturally on sheep and goats and one may assume that men crafted felt before they invented weaving.

To day felt is also one of the most contemporary fabric as it is used in some advanced technologies such as space programs and can respond to some of our growing environmental concerns.

Through her work Sophie Prieur aims at embracing both aspects of felt by using a traditional technique to convey her creative skills in our time.




France : 0033 6 75 60 23 57
               0033 4 92 74 22 87
India :   0091 6 75 60 23 57
Nepal : 00977 9 841 741 235

Graphic conception
Hadrien Degay Delpeuch